Religion and Non-Religion

Humanist Chaplain

Providing resources, advocacy, and Humanist pastoral care. We welcome and serve all students, faculty, and staff facing personal challenges, seeking meaning and purpose, seeking guidance for ethical development, and other support from a Humanist values perspective.

Humanism is a positive, life-affirming non-religious worldview that focuses on an individual’s connectivity to, and impact on, others.  We see kindness and compassion as ubiquitous human potentials, and promote respect and inclusion for people of all worldviews.

Office hours by appointment          

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SRMA Workshop and Allies Network

Fostering a campus community that respects and includes individuals of all faith and non-faith perspectives.  In addition to workshops each semester, we support a Safe Zone Allies network and provide consultations to individuals and departments.

Secular Student Alliance

Offering students with secular values a safe place to socialize, engage in activism, and contribute to their community out of kindness and compassion for humanity.

Secular Perspective Organizations in Central Florida

People of faith often seek a faith community (church) to find fellowship, engagement, and connection.  There are similar communities for non-religious people in Central Florida.  For a list of communities, secular resources, and other support outside of UCF, visit