Religion and Non-Religion

Campus Faith & Ministries

Campus Faiths & Ministries (CFM) is a network of faith-based organizations dedicated to meeting the personal, religious and social needs of university students, faculty and staff. Each organization seeks to enrich lives by providing opportunities for growth through fellowship, educational programs, worship services, recreation, entertainment and the development of one’s faith. Each adheres to the principles of its own tradition, but all accept and support the work of other members of the campus network.

Humanist and Secular Services

Humanist and Secular support services provides resources, advocacy, and pastoral care from a Humanist perspective. Organizations serve students, faculty, and staff seeking community; meaning and purpose; assistance with life challenges; and other inner-life development, enrichment, and support. Resources include a secular student community, a Secular Safe Zone allies network, workshops and other advocacy promoting inclusion for people of all perspectives and worldviews, and connections to local, state, and national Humanist communities and services.

Below are Student Organizations (RSOs) at UCF that provide shared-values community for students of faith and non-faith perspectives. Visit Knight Connect  to learn more or search for other communities and involvement.
  • Adventist Campus Ministry @ UCF
  • Baha'i Club
  • BAPS Campus Fellowship
  • Catholic Campus Ministry
  • Chabad Jewish Student Group
  • Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
  • Coptic Knights
  • Couples for Christ
  • H2O
  • Hillel
  • Ibrahim and Mariam
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Knights for Christ
  • Live Ministries
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Ratio Christi @ UCF
  • Secular Student Alliance
  • Shift
  • Sigma Phi Lambda
  • The Navigators
  • The Way Campus Ministry

This list is updated each semester. Don't see your organization?  Let us know.